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The classroom where creativity happens

We invite you to create a space where a journey begins. A great, creative adventure where the most innovative teachers foster the creativity of their students with Tumaker 3D printers and scanners. A physical and virtual space aimed at developing a different way of learning and problem-solving. A way to inspire and motivate by doing. A space where creativity happens.


  • We help you to create a 3D printing space in your school.

  • To start off with the basics, gradually growing towards the 3D printing classroom that’s right for you.

  • Support materials, technical support and services. Everything you need to take the best possible advantage.

  • Tumaker Ikaslab Platform Where students share their projects and show what they are through what they do.

  • Connect with agents, companies and groups in your local area to share the 3D printing classroom.


Training to inspire the next generation of talent

We believe in technology’s great potential to transform education. From the very beginning, we’ve offered special, advantageous conditions for students, schools or any group or organization related to teaching. In addition to the best technology, we provide you with specific training and workshops to discover new ways to develop creativity and inspire a spirit of learning by doing in the upcoming generation of talent.


We will help you:


  • Learn the use of 3D printing focused on students and projects

  • We teach you to teach digital manufacturing to your students

  • We provide you with guidance and appropriate content to integrate 3D printing into your class subject

  • Encourage the spirit of sharing and collaborating by developing projects

  • Create an atmosphere of innovative and healthy competition aimed at getting the most amazing projects.

In the Tumaker IkasLab, you are what you do.

We’d like to present the Tumaker IkasLab platform. A platform that will be the best CV that a student can show. A great showcase where friends, teachers or companies will value talent as it is deserved.

Tumaker IkasLab is the perfect complement to your 3D printing lab or classroom or for working on any kind of project where the aim is to learn by doing. It is a powerful way for students to show what they are through what they do. They’ll show the world what they studied, learned and achieved and the path they have travelled as they’ve developed their abilities based on the projects they have done. They will have a portfolio of projects to share what they do and how they do it. They can be mentored by teachers, students, people who work in company or anyone who just wants to help others improve their skills and knowledge. They will collaborate with others on different projects or simply help others find solutions to problems. They’ll earn a reputation based on the interest generated by their projects, quality, collaboration or improved skills, among other things.