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Fantastic features that were within the reach

of just a few… until now



Amazing accuracy of 0.1% of object size, with a maximum detail of 0.05 mm. It scans objects from 10 mm to 500 mm with an unrestricted strategy of movement and with unlimited scan captures of just 5 to 20 seconds. Its safe and smooth operation is free of lasers and technologies that may damage the eyes. Keep on reading; there’s lots more.


Capture the ingredients and start cooking with your CAD.



Scan objects and print them directly on the Tumaker Voladora. Harness the power of advanced functions to compare designs from scanned objects. Transfer the digitalised objects to your favourite CAD software and turn them into what you want, how you want.







Comparing what is real with what is ideal has never been so easy.



With the optional Enterprise module, you will be able to easily analyze the deviations in what you make compared to what you design. You’ll be able to analyse the behaviour of your creations and the deformations they undergo in different situations, or carry out real-time measurements of scanned objects. What’s more, you’ll be able to take measurements in real time directly from the scanned object.







For working, for learning and for everything else



An indispensable tool for quick prototyping, inspection, demonstrations, artists, engineers, physicians, entertainment professionals, archaeologists, makers and students in a wide variety of specialties… all with the common denominator: Innovators, restless souls and freethinkers. Troublemakers?




Incredible mesh density and stunning details



Scan your models with a spectacular precision achieving a resolution of less than 0.06 milimeters and a more than 2.300.000 vertex mesh density per scan.





Structured Light 3D Scanner SLS-3

David Laser
Object size 60mm-500mm
Accuracy ± 0.1 of object size, up to 0.06 mm
Scan time 2-10s per scan capture
Calibration Parameter panel
Projection Energy-saving LED
Camera Industrial CMOS USB 3.0 with optimised lens and adapted firmware
Mesh density Up to 2,300,000 vertices per scan
Software David Laser 4.0 Profesional, InStep V2 Professional
Optional Enterprise version Includes model comparer. SDK and point-to-point measurement

* Prices do not include VAT